The Worst Mistakes You Can Do at the Strip Club

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What are the worst mistakes you can make at a strip club? Below are some that could potentially land you out of the club!Bringing your partner when she does not obviously want to be thereThis is the biggest mistake you can do at a strip club. When you attempt to drag your partner with you to a strip club, make sure that she is willing to come in the first place.

Most women frown upon this type of establishments, and would rather not visit strippers in Sydney (of course, not all women are like this though!). If your partner does not like strip clubs, you can be assured that she will be in a bad mood throughout the night, and will glare at any lingerie waitress that might attempt to talk to you. You will simply ruin your experience.Being roundabout in refusing a girl/Being rude in refusing a girlOften, customers are divided into the two extremes – either they are too roundabout in refusing strippers of their services (out of fear of hurting their feelings) or they are too direct and rude about it.

Avoid both extremes. The showgirls are here to work, so they will expect professionalism from you too. If you simply do not want any service, a direct but polite reply along the lines of “Thank you, but I’m fine” will suffice. Do not attempt to add unnecessary excuses – they will only waste her time.Not behaving properly close to the stageWhen you are sitting close to the stage, you will normally be expected to tip the showgirls. This is quite obvious, as the house rates are not exactly stellar – and you enjoyed the show (that is why you are sitting close to the stage after all, is it not?).

Certain clubs have rules which compel you to tip the girls on stage, but even if there are no rules, be kind enough to do so. And the other main point you need to be aware of is to have your phone tucked away. Photos are usually in bad taste, and using your cell phone might simply give the idea that you are attempting to photograph the girls (even when you are not!).Not knowing the rulesTouching? Photos? Lap dances? The rules for these vary from club to club for topless waitress Sydney. If you simply do not know, ask from the staff. You can either put yourself in trouble for doing something not allowed, or you can be humiliated and potentially embarrassed if you end up overreacting.Paying with your credit cardAnd to conclude, bring actual money with you when you visit the establishment. This last point is for your own good, as chances are that if you pay with a credit card, you will most definitely be tricked into paying some additional fees and rates.